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I just realized Harry always talks about people giving him presents, but never about him getting presents for others.

Tried reading Fifty Shades of Grey and threw up in my mouth.

Those things aren’t exactly related, but I’m taking it as a clear sign.

"I hope you fall in love
With someone who always texts back and never lets
You fall asleep thinking you’re
I hope you fall in love with someone
Who holds your hand during the scary parts of
Horror movies and burns
Cookies with you when you’re
Too busy dancing around the
I hope you fall in love with
Someone who sees galaxies in your eyes
And hears music in your
I hope you fall in love with someone who
Tickles you and makes you smile
On hard days and on easy
But beyond all that I hope
You fall in love with someone
Who will never leave you behind
And who will never take you
For granted, someone who
Will stand by you when you’re
Right and stand by you
When you’re wrong,
Someone who has seen you at your worst
And has loved you
I hope you fall in love
With someone who
Kisses you in the rain
And hugs you in the cold and
Wouldn’t have you any other

— Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful, l.h.k. (via c-oquetry)

Promised myself I’d reread the series that defined my childhood by summer’s end. #harrypotter

Guardians of the Galaxy #mcm

My beautiful best friend passed away last night and I was again reminded how tragic it is to love something death can touch. I know she’s flying happily eating all the dried fruit she can find while answering as many phone calls as she desires. I love you babygirl, here’s to when I thought I was artsy and you were your bad self. #tbt

My dad just called to let me know that my kindered spirit and ride or die since third grade, when I couldn’t shut up about wanting a pet, Chirris isn’t doing too well; I’m sorry I can’t be there right now the way you’ve been for me for the past twelve years but know I love you babygirl.

get to know me meme [2/5] male characters: ben wyatt

"Nerd culture is mainstream now."

Cancel all my appointments.


Oh yeah.

That’s a reblog right there.


From new Batgirl creative team, Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr!



I like the perspective of this photo because everyone who sees it is kind of trapped on a date with me

Whadda babe!